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Demas Preset Pack 01 (Lightroom Classic/CC/Mobile)
  • @demas Preset Pack 01

    Compatible with Lightroom Classic / CC / Mobile


    These smart Lightroom filters will allow you to get an in-depth understanding behind my most signature edits and styles. I have spent numerous hours perfecting these presets to help you achieve the same colours I have in my images. I hope you find them useful!


    9 Presets Included:

    1. Night Time Vibes
    2. Architectural Lines
    3. Looking Up
    4. Monochromatic Cityscapes
    5. Darkness Glow
    6. Vibrant Sky
    7. Above the Sea (Drone)
    8. Above the Urban (Drone)
    9. Above the Natural (Drone)

    Demas Preset Pack 01 (Lightroom Classic/CC/Mobile)

    • .lrt (Lightroom Template)

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