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Website Upgrade!

It's been a long time coming but I've finally updated my website and starting a blog!

Welcome to my new website! Here you will find my photography portfolio split into 6 different categories (commissions, urban, aerial, architecture, nature, and fantasy). The following categories highlight some of my best work to date, the aim is to keep each page as fresh as possible with new and updated content so that I am always putting my best foot forward.

There is also a bio page where you can learn a little bit more about me and read articles/interviews that I have been featured in and soon I hope to set up an online store where you guys can purchase prints/presets in a much more efficient way!

Writing/blogging has never been my forte, but it is another medium where I can communicate and connect with you all, so I am very excited to see the possibilities of this blog in the future! My aim as a photographer/content creator is not only to create unique visuals, but to also inspire the world to do the same, so the more I can share the better! (Ps. I also plan to start making Youtube tutorials too very soon! - it will also live in the Tutorials section of this website!)

If you want to stay updated to this blog, sign up and drop a comment below. Let me know what things you would like me to blog about next! I'm excited for this next chapter and I hope you are too!


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